Artist’s Perspective

Everything’s Changed; Nothing’s Changed.

It’s hard to believe that in this day and age, when the web has given a voice to billions; when nearly everyone can capture and share a moment with the world with a smartphone; when you can look up any obscure fact or question and find multiple sources from different countries speaking to it; that in all this deluge of information… somehow “90% of everything Americans see, hear and consider important” is controlled by 6 media giants.  It is what calls “The Illusion of Choice” and is a great article worth checking out here (with all sources provided).  Some eye-opening facts:

The Illusion of Choice - Media

The Illusion of Choice - Media2


Of course what this means for the big picture is daunting.  There are so many great late-night discussions that could come from that infographic alone.

But what does that mean to any music artist or music lover?  That even though there might be dozens of new ways to get your creation out there, that at the end of the day, the biggest outlets still play the same old song and dance with the music biz exec’s.  And as crazy as this next statistic sounds, I’m not shocked.

The Illusion of Choice - Radio

80% of the playlists across ClearChannel’s 1,200 radio stations match?!?  WTF?!?  Maybe that is why terrestrial radio has lost so many listeners over the years… they play the same damn songs over and over and OVER!

So while the internet has opened doors and borders, it seems the media has contracted in response. The gatekeepers and bottlenecks are still in place, with only 10% of independent media reaching the majority of listeners.

Which only serves to reinforce my view, that it is you, The Devout, the fans and friends moved by the music, who turned around and told their friends about it.  It is those personal recommendations that make such a difference, that cut through all the noise of the media.  So we thank you and ask that you continue to share Memnoir and the music not only in the places you regularly haunt online, but also with your friends IRL.  Want some postcards and stickers to share with friends?  Drop us a line on Facebook or YouTube, and we’ll shoot  you out a free Promo Pack, anywhere in the world!