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A Wake Up Call from a Whiskey Ad

I’m not sure if it means I’m an alcoholic or if I just need to get out more, but when did I start becoming inspired by liquor ads?  In my defense, it features the great Willem Defoe (Platoon, Boondock Saints, and many more) and the story it weaves in little over a minute is powerful and puts to shame most of what Hollywood dishes out.

Either way, it struck me and I just had to share it:

This video (calling it a commercial just doesn’t do it justice) caught me at the right time. When I heard Defoe say these words, it felt like he was speaking directly to me:

“Life boils down to a series of choices.
Before long, the choices you make
And the ones you don’t
Become you.”

Lately life has worn me down and I’ve found myself uninspired. During these days of frustration, of running into wall after wall, of the empty page… the questions begin to creep in. This little novella was just what I needed to gather myself, find my (fourty) second wind and fire up both ends of the candle again.

I admit, it’s an odd place to find inspiration. But I think it’s a great sign when you can find inspiration in the everyday. It means the Muses are not so far; you can still hear them, still feel them. I hope we can all find our fire again.